How has Dale’s Client LOST 50lbs, and got in the Best Shape of her Life before her Big Day?


Every bride wants to look healthy and radiant on her wedding day 

Shout out to Dale's client, Joanne, who has transfigured her body by losing 50lbs and got married in September 2017. She has inspired, uplifted and influenced many individuals to start training with Dale to help them achieve greatness. Dale's sessions are different all the time which kept Joanne highly motivated to stick to her customised training program.

Whatever your individual goals, Dale will work around your wedding plans, helping you to get into the best shape of your life... for the biggest day of your life! He will help you to work towards your fitness goals by adding cardio/HiTT, core strengthening and resistance training to help you to get in shape in the most time-efficient way.

Joanne Has Lost 50 Pounds Since Training with Dale 

​Dress Size: 20 to 10

Focusing on an individual training plan is also an excellent way to de-stress during this busy period. Putting aside just a few hours each week to focus on your health and fitness will pay off on the big day, on your honeymoon and beyond. If you don't want to train alone, Dale offers couples and group sessions so you can enjoy the fitness journey as a team and motivate each other for upcoming events.

Do you have a wedding day coming up? This is once-in-a-lifetime occasion where it is all about YOU! Dale will work hard to make sure you feel your very best. Every bride & groom should feel confident and proud on their big day.

Congratulations Joanne
We are all Proud of you 

Personal Training in Gloucester

​Joanne in Action with 1-2-1 Personal Training with Dale

Dale designed a customised training and nutrition program for Joanne ready for her big day! Got a wedding or a big event coming up? Look no further as Dale can help you achieve your goals in no time.

Joanne Successful Full Body Transformation with Dale

Joanne was unhappy with her physique and wanted to turn her life around. She has been training with Dale for over a year…let the results speak for themselves!

Joanne on her Wedding Day 

Great day celebrating the marriage of Joanne and Andy on Saturday 16th September 2017. It was a pleasure to help her reach her full potential for her big day! Congratulations, you did it!

Karen Lost 14lbs, Gained Strength and Muscle Tone ...
You vs You


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